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Astatic 636L SE Cb Microphone (650)

Astatic 636L SE Cb Microphone

 Astatic 636L SE Cb Microphone Astatic 636LSE Mic

Sandard 4 pin wiring included. The Astatic 636LSE Cb microphone is recommended for 10 meter type radios to reduce feedback when talk-back is used. The Astatic 636L SE is perhaps the most durable Cb Mic made. Best noise canceling Cb microphone made to cut or filter out background noise (like wind noise).

When a Cb mic picks up less noise that means it is picking up more of your voice. You do have to talk very close to the mic, it will not pick up much of anything more than and inch or two from the microphone.

The smaller diameter striaght Astatic microphone cord inside the metal jacket is very high quality unlike the thick Cb microphone cords. The wires in Astatic cords virtually never break inside the cord. The Astatic 636L SE cord is coverd with a metal jacket just like a pay phone. The metal jacket relives tension on the actual cord and also makes it much more difficult for Fido to chew the mike cord into.

*Wiring for most standard 4 pin radios included.

*Noise canceling mic
*Chrome screen & push button
*High quality striaght 4' cord
*Cord has metal jacket (like a pay phone)
*Helps cut feedback when "talk-back" is used
*Recomended for export radios
*Wiring for most 4 pin radios included
*Add $10.00 for wiring other than standard 4 pin. (ex. Cobra 148, 5 pin).

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