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You are at : Cb Radio Antennas Scanners Cellular Radar Detector > 10 Meter Radios > Base Station 10 Meter Radios **New Feb 2020 RCI-69

Excellent service, low price, repair, warranty, tuning and fast world wide shipping on the latest base station 10 meter radios. On this page you will find Galaxy base stations, Ranger base radios and the new Ranger RCI-69 base station in 2020.

Don't forget to add our $35 tuning. We also offer a $45 modulation upgrade on select models which includes the tuning. For the extra $10 this will make the radio output much louder and "beefier". If anyone other than GI Joe's tunes or works on your base station 10 radio that does void your warranty with us. Tuning includes aligning the receive, transmit, meters, any other necessary adjustments and a visual inspection of the radio. If you do encounter a problem you should contact GI Joe's first for help or instructions.

On the Base station 10 meter radio "View Detail" pages you will find more information and tuning selections.

Also there are options to make any of our mobile Cb radios or mobile 10 meter radios a base station by adding a 120Vac to 12Vdc power supply. Power supply options are listed on the "View Detail" page of the item. The smallest power supply listed is the smallest one that will run the radio. You will only need one of the larger power supplies if you plan to run more equipment with higher current (Apmerage) demands. As there are not a lot of base Cb radios and base 10 meter radios on the market the mobile with external power supply option gives you more for your money (as compared to a base radio) and a better selection of radio features to fit your needs.

**ORDERING TIP: Shipping cost per item drops substantially as you as you add more items. Example: 2 mobile radios only cost $4 to $7 more to ship than one radio. Adding a mobile antenna with a radio often only ads $3 to $5 to the shipping cost. You can save some money on shipping by ordering everything you need on one order. The more you order the less shipping you pay per item.

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**New RCI-69 Base 10 Meter Radio RCI69* In Stock (124)

*AM, FM, SSB (sideband), CW Base
*Volume, squelch, Mic Gain, RF Gain, RF Power
*Frequency Counter and Channel Display (Green LED's)
*Dual clarifier, RX & TX
*Dual echo *Adjustable talk back w/ on/off.
*SWR meter

Our Price: $609.95
**New RCI-69 Base 10 Meter Radio RCI69* In Stock

Ranger RCI2995DXCF Base Station (202)

RCI2995DX CF Base Station Ranger Radio - RCI 2995 DxCF Ranger 10 meter radio

Excellent service, low prices, repair, warranty, tuning and fast world wide shipping on the Ranger 2995Dx-CF base Station 10 meter Ranger radios. 100watts+, AM FM, CW, SSB (sideband), LCD frequency counter display.

*AM, SSB, FM, CW, Base Station
*2 x 2SC2290 finals in amp section.
*Vol, sq, mic gain, Rf gain
*Clarifier (rx only),RF power
*Frequency Display
*NO Echo or talk-back
*10 Channel Memory
*Memory Scan
*Frequency step adjust:100Hz, 1Khz, 10Khz, 100Khz, 1000Khz or 10,000Khz
*Repeater Offsets
*Rodger Beep
*SWR indicator
*SRA-2990CW Dual Fan Kit is now included. This comes mounted to the rear of the radio.

Our Price: $699.95
Ranger RCI2995DXCF Base Station

SRA2990CF Ranger Radio Fan Kit *BACKORDERED *DISC. (219b)

*Model #SRA2990CF
*Fan kit for Ranger & Galaxy base 10 meter radio
*Easily mounts to back of radio
*Plugs into 12V jack on the RCI2990 & RCI2295DX
*Dual fans cool radio for extended talking
*Recomended for the bucket-mouth

**Note: The optional dual fan kit is mounted to the back of the radio using the existing radio screws. The fan kit must be wired into the radios circuit board on some radios. It does not simply plug in to every radio. Radios that come with the RCA type fan jack on the back are the Stonewall Jackson, RCI 2990Dx, 2995Dx, and Galaxy Turbo. There is an addtional cost for installation and wiring if you are also purchasing a radio. There is a fan option listed with the base radio after clicking "View Detail". (You can run the fan on an external 12Vdc power supply if you have one available.)

List Price: $59.95
Our Price: $49.95
You Save: $10.00 (17%)
SRA2990CF Ranger Radio Fan Kit *BACKORDERED *DISC.

Ranger Base Radio - RCI2980WX *DISCONTINUED (201)

*Base Radio
*Vol, sq mic gain, RF gain
*clarifier, RF power
*Dual Echo, adj. talk back
*Frequency counter
*Weather radio

List Price: $469.95
Our Price: $439.95
You Save: $30.00 (6%)
Ranger Base Radio - RCI2980WX *DISCONTINUED

Galaxy Base Station - Galaxy DX2517 *DISCONTINUED (204b)

*AM, FM, SSB, CW Base
*Volume, squelch, Mic Gain, RF Gain, RF power
*Dual clarifier, RX & TX
*Dual echo
*Adj. talk back w/ on/off.
*SWR meter

Our Price: $589.95
Galaxy Base Station - Galaxy DX2517 *DISCONTINUED

Connex Saturn CX33 SSB Base 10 Meter *DISCONTINUED (242)

*AM, FM, SSB, CW Base
*Vol, sq, mic gain, RF gain, RF power
*Dual clarifier, RX & TX
*Dual echo
*Adj. talk back w/ on/off.
*SWR meter

Our Price: $479.95
Connex Saturn CX33 SSB Base 10 Meter *DISCONTINUED

Ranger RHF-618 Base Station *DISCONTINUED (122)

RHF-618 Ranger Base Station - 10 Meter Ranger Base Station RHF618

New July 2011. Excellent service, low prices, repair, warranty, tuning and fast world wide shipping on the Ranger RHF-618 radio. This item is discontinued in 2013. A few are still available.

*4.3" TFT LCD Panel
*Touch Screen and Soft TOUCH Panel buttons around the display.
*RCI-2950DX reliable electrical specs
*Self Bright and clear display
*Built in clock and date
*Auto switch of priority for communication
*Auto CW Key
*USB Load background images
*An improved receiver: designed for increased sensitivity and image rejections.
*A double FET balanced mixer: for improved receiver inter-modulation rejection.
*New power supply protection: and temperature compensation for improved stability and reliability over wide temperature ranges.
*Surface mount components: for increased resistance to shock and vibration.
*Improved display lighting: for easy reading in a wide range of light conditions.
*Variable Power Output from 25 watts to 1 watt - great for PSK-31 operation.

Our Price: $499.95
Ranger RHF-618 Base Station  *DISCONTINUED

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