Privacy Policy

Information you submit to GI Joe's Radio Electronics is confidential and is not submitted or sold to 3rd parties.

If you use the "Credit/Check Cards for the 50 US States Only" payment option in the check out, your card information goes straight to the card processing company. You may use this payment option with confidence as the information is not stored, saved or accessible by anyone employed by GI Joe's Radio Electronics and is not accessible by anyone via the internet. Only non vital information is accessible by us like the last 4 digits of the card number, name and billing address for example. Using this option is just as if you swiped the card your self. It is much more secure than handing you card to a waiter, store clerk, phoning or faxing you card information in to someone.

Persons employed by GI Joe's Radio Electronics are very trustworthy (good people) and will handle any information securely and confidentially when it is necessary for you to submit information to us via phone or fax.

GI Joe's Radio Electronics
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