error with conversion rateserror with conversion rates GI JOE'S- 102" STEEL WHIP CB ANTENNA (8.5')
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Cb Antenna - 102" Steel Whip - Cb Antenna (OS S&H) (504)

Cb Antenna - 102" Steel Whip - Cb Antenna (OS S&H)

102 inch steel whip Cb antenna.

*Wide band (300-500 channels)
*8.5' antennas work better & reach farther
*Full one quarter wave length

*This is an oversized item: (S&H is $28.00 for one) Shipping cost/item drops as you order more antennas. See the shipping discounts at right.

**Note about shipping cost calculations: The discounts shown at right are discounts off the shipping although they will show as a discount off the item cost. Our shipping calculator does not calculate the correct cost due to the oversized length of this item. If you order 6 or less your total cost should be correct on your order.

Example: If you order 6 whips the shipping cost will show $100 but you will get a discount of $10/item or $60 off to bring the shipping cost down to $40.

We can only ship 6 antennas in one shipping tube. If you order more than 6 we will manually adjust your shipping cost and credit your card. or you can order in multiples of 6 or less.

I hope this is not too confusing. We will check your order to make sure the shipping charges are correct and make any adjustnments necessary.



GI JOE'S RADIO - 102" Cb Antenna - 8.5' Steel Whip

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