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RCI2970N2 10 & 12 Meter Radio *Due Mid March (406)

RCI2970N2 10 & 12 Meter Radio *Due Mid March

Ranger RCI2970N2 10 & 12 Meter Radio

Excellent service, low price, repair, warranty, tuning and fast world wide shipping on the Ranger RCI 2970N2 10 meter radio. The new 200w Ranger 2970N2 model has taken the place of the 150w Ranger RCI2970Dx model. The new Ranger RCI 2970 N2 is now available. 

**We expect this item in our store in early to mid March 2015. You should preorder now to get in line for them. The availability of some radios has been sporadic. Check back here for future updates.


*200 watts+
*Vol,sq,mic gain,RF gain
*RF power
*Roger beep
*2 fans inside heatsink
*Repeater offsets (split TX&RX)
*Memory-10 channels
*SWR meter
*Channel up/down buttons on radio & mic
*External speaker jack

*The RCI-2950 DX / RCI-2970 N2 can operate with CTCSS frequencies for accessing repeaters, with an optional CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System) encoding device installed.


Ranger RCI2970N2 Large Image

Ranger RCI2970N2 Specification Chart

Ranger RCI2950Dx and RCI2970Dx Owners Manual            

Ranger RCI 2950 Dx and RCI 2970 Dx Service Manual

Ranger RCI 2950Dx and RCI 2970Dx Schematics (.pdf)


Ranger 2970N2 Bottom View


A license to operate amateur radios may be required in your area. The end user is solely responsible for proper operation of amateur radio equipment and adhering to the rules and regulations of their country . In the U.S. it is legal to purchase amateur radios and receive on amateur radio bands however an amateur radio license is required to transmit. GI Joe's asks that persons using amateur radios please respect the regulations by not transmitting on amateur radio bands without an amateur radio license. By purchasing an amateur radio from us you are agreeing not to transmit on amateur radio bands without an amateur radio license. An amateur radio license can be obtained in the U.S. by taking a relatively simple test. Morse Code is no longer required for the technician class U.S. license. You can find information on licensing at

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