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Mirage MX 36 HP - Mirage MX36HP - (1412)

Mirage MX 36 HP - Mirage MX36HP -

Mirage MX 36 HP - Mirage MX36HP - Mirage MX 36HP

New June 2011. Finally a small 10 meter radio the size of a Cobra 29 Cb radio to fit those tight overhead compartments in big trucks.The Mirage MX-36HP is loaded with features including dual echo and talkback.

*AM, Dual Finals (40w after tuning)
*Blue Channel LED's
*Front Mic Jack
*Ranger Noise Canceling Microphone
*Volume , Squelch , Mic Gain, RF gain
*Variable RF Power
*Dual Echo & talk back w/on/off switch
*Band selector (6)
*Dimmer Switch (hi, med, low)
*Built in SWR Meter
*Antenna Warning LED
*10KHz Switch
*Channel 9/19 Switch

*Our modulation upgrade is not available for this model. The radio does have good modulation swing with our $30 tuning. It will swing to about 30w from a 2w dead key. With our $30 tuning the Low dead key will be set to 1.5w (swing to 25w-30w) and the high dead key is set at 10w (swinging to 40w) on a Dosy peak reading meter and dummy load.

Mirage MX 36 HP Specification Sheet and Large Image

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