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You are at : Cb Radio Antennas Scanners Cellular Radar Detector > Wilson Cellular Phone Antennas & Amplifiers > Cell Amps In-Bldg Cingular/Sprint/T Mobile 1900Mhz

Cellular phone amplifiers for In-building. The Wireless Cell phone repeater on this page is for Cingular, T Mobile, Sprint or any 1900MHz system.

Metropolitan areas mostly use 1900MHz. 800MHz is used in some rual areas. You can find out from your service provider if you are on a 800MHz, 1900MHz system or both in your area. You may also find this information at Go to the site and enter your zip code into the box provided. You will see a list of service providers like Cingular along with a list of frequencies each provider uses in that area. (Both 800MHz and 1900MHz systems are available in some areas.)


Cellular Tower Locator Map:

Find your cellular provider Frequency (800MHz or 1900MHz) at:


In-Building 60Db Smart Amp#801306 (IN STOCK) (1929)

*60Db+, auto adjusting
*3 watts
*For Cingular, Sprint & T Mobile 1900MHz systems
*1850-1990 Mhz
*120Vac power supply

*Recommended accessories:

*Inside antenna, dual-band dome, pannel or low profile.
*Outside antenna: Yagi (recommended) or Trucker
*In-Building Coax cable (inside & outside antennas must be 75' or more apart to prevent oscillation)
*Splitters and Taps
*Lighting Surge Protector
(Listed under Wilson Accessories)

List Price: $699.95
Our Price: $529.95
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In-Building 60Db Smart Amp#801306 (IN STOCK)