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You are at : Cb Radio Antennas Scanners Cellular Radar Detector > Wilson Cellular Phone Antennas & Amplifiers > Cellular Amp Cingular/TMobile GSM/TDMA 1900MHz

Low cost cellular amplifier for Cingular and T Mobile GSM/TDMA 1900MHz systems only. GSM amplifier for Cingular and T mobile cell phones. GI Joes Radio cellular amp, tdma amplifier.

The amplifiers below are recommended if your area uses a 1900MHz system and you will not be traveling into other areas where 800MHz is used. Better preformance has also been reported with this unit due to the absence of the 800MHz circuitry.

Metropolitan areas mostly use 1900MHz. 800MHz is used in some rual areas. You can find out from your service provider if you are on a 800MHz, 1900MHz system or both in your area. You may also find this information at Go to the site and enter your zip code into the box provided. You will see a list of service providers like Cingular along with a list of frequencies each provider uses in that area. (Both 800MHz and 1900MHz systems are available in some areas.)


Cellular Tower Locator Map:

Find your Cellular provider Frequency (800MHz or 1900MHz) at:


Cellular Amp Cingular/T Mobile #812201 (1926)

*New - Lower Cost Amp for Cingular & T Mobile Only *Direct Connect (wired)
*Smart Amp - Led's indicate when amp is functioning correctly
*1850-1990MHz GSM & TDMA only.
*3 Watt Output
*12V cigarette lighter adaptor included
Recommended Accessories:
*Wilson Phone Adaptor (required)
*Wilson Antenna
*Extension Coax (if needed)

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Our Price: $169.95
You Save: $30.00 (15%)
Cellular Amp Cingular/T Mobile  #812201